Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I suppose I should introduce myself. Im a Linux and IT security hobbyist.  I hold a degree in Economics but I'm looking to get into the IT security field. I'm LPIC Level 1 certified and hope to be security+ certified in a month or so.
I've decided to start this blog since Ive been finding myself adding tutorials to open source wikis more and more lately and would like to have my own place to aggregate some of them as well as to start documenting some of my other small Linux and security related projects for reference as well as to put them out there for others to benefit and comment on.  Hopefully they will be of use to someone and maybe I'll even get some good suggestions and comments.  I am by no means an expert on everything posted so by all means feel free to school/correct/rant on anything here.

Topics will probably include programs such as tor, i2p, screen, iptables, fwknop and so on.  I generally stick to the command line and use Archlinux, Gentoo, and Debian.

As for the name, its near 5am and the Melvins - Night Goat just happened to be playing and I figured its as good a name as any other so I ran with it. Besides, that song owns.

At some point I'll get an actual blog/site set up on my own server, but until then this will do.
Alright, now for a post thats actually useful.

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